Stories transpire.
They lead to bigger stories.

The scent adventure begins with one man’s desire to give back to society…

Vijay Lobo was working towards getting a degree in the Life sciences. Immersed in dissections in the college biology lab, he decided he needed a change of pace. He volunteered at a nearby orphanage.
Then one day, out of the blue, the nun-in-charge of the said orphanage, gave Vijay a comb and a pair of scissors. She wanted him to cut the hair of the children. An exercise in necessary hygiene turned into a work of art. The kids loved the funky hairdos. Vijay Lobo continued his work at the orphanage all through his undergrad years. He had discovered his calling!

And so, the first ‘scent’ opened in Sahakarnagar in 2007. From there the scent dream took wings. With over seven salons and spas spread all over the city the scent journey continues. Today brand scent is subsumed under Amira Lifestyle Private Limited.

From haircutting, the original service provided, Scent Salons and Spas have diversified to include every aspect of the beauty, grooming and lifestyle business. Bridal culture, event makeup, personal makeover, spa parties for the girl-in-you, et al are part of the packages on offer at Scent.

The Scent vision is to provide premier services with top-of-the-line and green products. Since 2015, Amira Lifestyle Private Limited has been taking forward the Scent story to new heights with its own beauty product line, All About Myself, AAM, which is also the brainchild of Krishma Lewis.

The Scent Academy of Excellence provides training for those interested in fashion, hairstyling, cosmetology, etc. You either join Team Scent and become part of the Scent lore or spread your wings to further the Scent vision after your training.

Vijay Lobo currently works at the helm of the Scent family as Director of Amira Lifestyle with Krishma Lewis. He is in the process of advancing the frontiers of the beauty industry with verve and determination.