Stories transpire.
They lead to bigger stories.

The journey of Scent began with a single man’s aspiration to contribute to society…

At Scent, our story unfolds with a passion for making a difference. Immersed in the world of life sciences, our founder, inspired by a desire for change, sought solace in volunteering at a nearby orphanage. Amidst the rigors of college biology labs, a new path emerged as he was entrusted by the caring nun-in-charge with a comb and scissors to groom the children. What began as a gesture of hygiene evolved into a creative expression, delighting the youngsters with imaginative haircuts. This transformative experience ignited a passion within him – a calling discovered amidst the selfless act of giving back.

In 2007, the inaugural Scent salon opened its doors in Sahakarnagar, marking the inception of a remarkable journey. Today, with a network of seven salons and spas across the city, Scent has blossomed into a cherished brand under the umbrella of Amira Lifestyle Private Limited.

From its humble beginnings in haircutting, Scent has evolved into a multifaceted destination for beauty, grooming, and lifestyle experiences. Our offerings encompass a spectrum of services, from bridal culture and event makeup to personal makeovers and indulgent spa parties, catering to every facet of our clientele’s needs.

At the heart of Scent lies a commitment to excellence, exemplified by our dedication to utilizing premier, eco-friendly products. Since 2015, Amira Lifestyle Private Limited has propelled the Scent legacy forward with the launch of our own beauty product line, All About Myself (AAM), a testament to our enduring vision.

The Scent Academy of Excellence stands as a beacon of opportunity, offering comprehensive training in fashion, hairstyling, cosmetology, and beyond. Whether you choose to embark on a journey with Team Scent, embracing our legacy, or carve your own path, championing the Scent vision, our academy empowers individuals to realize their dreams within the beauty industry.

Today, as Director of Amira Lifestyle alongside Krishma Lewis, our founder leads the Scent family with boundless energy and determination, pushing the boundaries of the beauty industry and shaping its future with unwavering resolve.