haircut just an excuse... haircut just an excuse... haircut just an excuse...

Scent is a sanctum where life comes to beauty and beauty to life.
a makeover at scent will be the crown of your looks. Our salons are distinguished for international trends and upscale services. Personal care is complimentary with all salon services such as Hairstyling, coloring, nail and skin treatments. we understand elegance, we make it happen. Pampering yourself is on your mind? Spa, pedicure, manicure, massage…name it. We indulge you.
We have seven salons located in the significant locations in the city. Premium services with a touch of hedonism, opulence, and luxury are part of the scent experience. Take time out, unwind, put your feet up! Experience a confident boosting makeover. Bring the oomph back into your persona. Come out like the metaphorical butterfly looking your best.
As it is said – we bring life to beauty and beauty to life.
with scent we let the world know who you are!