Going Organic the Scent way

All About Myself is elegance compressed into a beauty bar. Use it for yourself or gift to a friend: spread the Scent lifestyle! Go organic the Scent way.

All About Myself is a range of hand-crafted, exclusive and eco-friendly bath and beauty products. At Scent, we believe that it is important to maintain our connection with mother nature. All About Myself is about sustaining that connection.

What goes into it: There are no artificial additives, preservatives, parabens, or hardening agents. All ingredients are organic. The mainstay of All About Myself soaps is coconut oil. Almond oil, and olive oil form the other main components. The pleasing aroma of our products are from natural elements like fruit extracts and spices. We also use tropical butter like Shea butter to enhance the natural moisturizing and skin smoothening properties of the other ingredients. The Scent vision is to do away with synthetic products that harm the skin.

How it is made: We do not have large factories. The All About Myself range of products are made by local artisans. The soaps are made in three batches all through the year. We use the cold process method. Hence, our ingredients retain their natural goodness and properties. The whole process is carefully supervised and done with oodles of love. It is also very important to us that the production process is sustainable and eco-friendly. To reduce our carbon footprint, we source seasonal and regional ingredients.

Why use All About Myself: ‘Coz we understand allure, we understand skin. Our products are mild, classy & organic. We have a range of products suitable for different skin-types. Using All About Myself is not just about pampering yourself, it is about taking care of yourself for the long-term. And Scent products are fun; taking care of yourself will no longer be a chore!

Want to re-create the Scent experience at home? Pamper your skin salon-style with All About Myself bath and beauty products. Feel the spa-experience every single day and watch your body glow.

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